Niddrie Road




Retrofitted to the Passivhaus EnerPHit standard, this Glasgow tenement block demonstrates how it’s possible to retain a building’s heritage features whilst delivering upgrades to create high performance homes that are fit for the future.

Situated in Glasgow, and typical of high density tenement blocks, this building in Niddrie Road was vacant and in a poor state of repair. As part of a Scottish government funded project, the building has been retrofitted as a demonstration of what is possible with old, hard-to-heat buildings. One of the key aims is to understand scalability and replicability to upgrade other similar homes in order to reduce fuel poverty, improve occupant health & wellbeing, and ultimately tackle social inequity.

The 8 flats in the block are owned by a housing association and have been upgraded simultaneously to achieve the Passivhaus EnerPHit standard. Although unoccupied during the works, efforts were made to understand replicability for occupied buildings, to tackle the challenge of upgrading the remaining pre-1919 tenement housing stock.

Key Features

  • Unoccupied tenement block returned into use as high performance homes fit for the future
  • Retrofitting retained the building’s heritage value
  • Energy efficiency upgrades, to EnerPHit standard reduce fuel bills and fuel poverty
  • EnerPHit standard ensures healthy indoor environment for occupants

Sustainability Indicators

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