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Exploring ideas around a restorative/ net positive built environment, based on our understanding of environmental limits and social equality, and drawing on both best practice and emerging knowledge from leading practitioners and thinkers from around the globe about creating exemplary projects at both the building and neighbourhood level.

Grand Challenges

Identifying areas that need systemic change, both across the industry and at a cultural level, and then developing disruptive, collaborative responses about how change can be achieved, resulting in systems maps to show what change (and new system infrastructure) is needed to meet the grand challenge.

Exemplars Library

At the Sustainable Development Foundation our mission is to help tackle the climate and ecological emergency by driving the adoption of exemplary sustainability practices in buildings. Our library of exemplar projects demonstrates buildings which are fit for the future and being built, NOW.

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Latest News

Cover image: The Impact of Retrofit on Residential Property Market Values

The impact of retrofit on market values

A new research project commissioned by SuperHomes / the National Energy Foundation, with the support of the SDF, has concluded that energy efficiency improvements to existing homes will increase their …

Newly installed Daikin air source heat pump (ASHP)

The right time for heat pumps in retrofit

A new research report by Sustainable Buildings Alliance member the Passivhaus Trust examines the question of the right time to install a heat pump in existing homes. Decarbonising home heating is an urgent priority, and heat pumps are a fast way to reduce emissions, but are they sufficient, and how should they be combined with fabric improvements?