Exploring ideas around a restorative / net positive built environment, based on our understanding of environmental limits and social equality. We will draw on best practice and emerging knowledge from leading practitioners and thinkers from around the globe on exemplary projects at both the building and neighbourhood level.

These visions will be developed through regular lectures, held online and in-person, focusing on restorative sustainability, net positive development and social justice. The lecture series will be supported by a series of smaller-scale think pieces and events in specific areas of interest, with the aim of identifying future Grand Challenges.

Our inaugural lecture was held on 2nd July 2021, in memorial to the late Neil May MBE. We welcomed guests Prof. Karel Williams and Prof. Julie Froud from the University of Manchester’s Business School, who spoke about the foundational economy. A recording of the lecture can be found here.



The SDF has previously undertaken research to help the drive towards more sustainable buildings, including: