Presenting our approach to high performance buildings

At the Sustainable Development Foundation our mission is to help tackle the climate and ecological emergencies by driving the adoption of exemplary sustainability practices in buildings NOW. We are less interested in what might be deliverable in the future, and far more interested in championing people and organisations doing pioneering work today.

Since being awarded the status of Centre of Excellence for High Performance Buildings by UNECE we have been publishing a library of exemplars, showcasing how high performance buildings enable sustainable communities, promote occupant health and wellbeing, and deliver whole-life net zero.

We want all buildings to adopt exemplary sustainability practices, and these projects demonstrate what’s achievable for housing and other building types, both new and retrofit. Click to view our exemplars library.

Encompassing the sustainabilty principles behind each of our SDF Alliance organisations, we have defined ten sustainability indicators that distinguish high performance, sustainable buildings. The ten indicators are grouped into three cross-cutting themes with an overarching goal of achieving positive outcomes for people, planet and place.

Read our new position paper on High Performance Buildings here, and get in touch to find out how we can work together to further holistic, sustainable approaches for buildings.