Durley Chine Environmental Hub

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Bournemouth’s new seafront visitor centre is a showcase of sustainability-driven design and the reuse of timber in construction. Located at Durley Chine Beach, the hub serves as an educational, welfare and exhibition space for the public.

Emphasising low-carbon innovation and alternative construction methods, the Passivhaus-certified hub includes reclaimed groyne timbers from the local beachfront, a native green roof canopy, and decking from a decommissioned submarine base.

Comprising three structures interconnected by the timber canopy, the facility provides a kiosk, welfare/education building, and public WC. The use of layered low carbon concrete inspired by the sedimentary cliff face and the re-use of timber groynes as secondary structure and cladding help integrate the hub with its coastal environment.

The hub’s external space will host public exhibitions promoting the importance of reducing plastic waste and preserving clean beaches and oceans. Its design encourages interaction and provides easy access to the visitor centre with an engaging and active ground floor frontage.

Key Features

  • The Hub’s mission is to reduce waste, drive a step change in behaviour and build environmental guardianship of the coastline
  • Makes use of >50 tonnes of reclaimed timbers from local end-of-life seafront groynes, and a naval shipyard
  • Green roof is planted with species selected to complement the ecology of the Poole Bay Cliffs behind, an SSSI
  • Low embodied carbon, achieving 172 kg CO2e/m²
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Sustainability Indicators

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