Marmalade Lane

New build

Community + Residential


Designed in collaboration with the local community and future residents, the Marmalade Lane development features 42 new homes delivered under an alternative model for housing: co-housing. Individual homes are complemented by shared gardens and a central community ‘common house’, which includes laundry facilities, a play room, guest bedrooms and a large kitchen and community space for events and parties. Creating spaces like these means each home is smaller and more efficient with less under-utilised space, whilst encouraging and facilitating community interaction.

This development aims to create a sense of shared community amongst residents, something often missing in new housing developments. Cohousing communities in other parts of the UK often have long waiting lists as families want to join the vibrant, inclusive schemes.

Although not certified to Passivhaus, fabric-first principles have been employed to ensure energy efficiency, low heating bills and occupant comfort, with air-source heat pumps installed to provide renewable heating. The homes are built in timber-frame using off-site construction, meaning the development achieves low-embodied carbon and high resource efficiency.

Key Features

  • The co-housing model creates community engagement across the whole development
  • Fabric-first principles ensure energy efficiency and thermal comfort
  • Homes are cheap to run and healthy to live in
  • Timber-frame and off-site construction is resource efficient

Sustainability Indicators

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