SDF sponsors Build Net Zero Now!


Build Net Zero Now! is the call from the Good Homes Alliance, as they launch the second phase of their campaign aiming to empower progressive Local Authorities, Housing Associations and housebuilders, and their supply chains, by providing them with the knowledge and tools to deliver net zero housing.

The Sustainable Development Foundation is pleased to support the campaign as a lead sponsor, and looks forward to seeing the expansion of a fast-growing knowledge-sharing network through the course of the campaign.

The campaign will explore four themes, reflecting the GHA’s holistic approach to sustainable development, all areas where challenges could be turned into opportunities for accelerating the delivery of net zero housing.

Themes: Energy, Finance, Quality, Planning & Placemaking

Each theme will be ‘championed’ by an expert GHA board member and tasked with delivering a targeted and much-needed output that will help accelerate the delivery of net zero housing. The working groups are open to all GHA members and invited experts, including clients, architects, consultants, developers and supply chain organisations, and complimented by a series of events, workshops and case studies.

Proposed outputs include:

  • Guidance on energy/grid issues and solutions/smart tech
  • Guidance on holistic financial approaches to net zero development
  • Building Performance Evaluation training materials for QA/BPE assessors
  • Residents’ feedback/engagement with new technology e.g. ASHP
  • Guide to net zero viability assessments (for planners)
  • Research exploring quality of placemaking in net zero developments
  • Research exploring tension between net zero planning policy and practice


The first public campaign event, exploring Net Zero and Community Led Housing,  takes place on 13 July.

Read more on the Good Homes Alliance website.