LETI joins the SDF Alliance

The SDF welcomes LETI (Low Energy Transformation Initiative) to its growing alliance of leading organisations dedicated to high performance sustainable buildings.

LETI is a voluntary network of over 1,000 built environment professionals, working together to put the UK and the planet on the path to a zero carbon future. Their vision is to understand and clarify what this means in the built environment and develop the actions needed to meet the UK climate change targets.

LETI has already published a series of guides, including:

LETI’s plans for 2023 include

We are delighted to welcome LETI as part of the SDF Alliance. They bring a huge amount of energy, enthusiasm and expertise about the delivery of net zero carbon buildings, which will be critical to the UK’s progress towards its net zero built environment targets for 2030 and 2050. There are great synergies between LETI and the other SDF Alliance organisations and we look forward to working together to drive significant change.

Jon Bootland, Director, Sustainable Development Foundation

The SDF Alliance Grand Challenges focus on areas that need systemic change, both across the industry and at a cultural level, aiming to develop disruptive, collaborative responses about how change can be achieved.

Together these form a collective “Do Tank” with the aims of:

  1. Gathering together pioneers of advanced sustainable buildings
  2. Delivering pioneering change on built environment projects
  3. Representing the pioneers within the sustainable buildings movement